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FBL logoFootballBetting.legal may be a fairly new website, but we are certainly not new to betting on football. We are a team of like minded individuals who have bonded over our love for football and our experience with online betting, which dates back to the 90s.

As avid football fans who enjoy betting on football games, teams, and players for both professional football and college football, we bring a lot to the table with this guide. We strive to give you input on all things betting related as a team of people who are just everyday Joes that have gained some expertise through first hand experience navigating the sports betting arena over the span of many years.

Our roles have evolved from enjoying sports betting action as bettors to using that experience to become industry insiders with a unique perspective. We use that perspective to provide genuine and meaningful insight to football fans who want to enjoy gambling entertainment, but need a little help navigating through the maze successfully. From sportsbook recommendations and betting basics to valuable football betting tips and strategy, we intend to provide all the resources that we wish we had when we were learning the ropes ourselves.

What We’re Here To Do At FBL

coach iconWe are not good Samaritans sharing our extensive experience out of philanthropy. Like any business, we do intend to make money. Our main objective to accomplish this is simple: assist individuals seeking legitimate online betting access through legal football betting sites and by doing so, make some money along the way.

There is a lot of misinformation floating around concerning online betting on football as well as the legalities and nuances surround this industry. We’re here to sort that out, simplify it, and provide you with the information you need to make a solid, informed decision about what is right for you concerning sports betting entertainment.

It also takes a lot of time-consuming investigation and industry insider knowledge to properly do a deep dive on an online sportsbook to the degree that we feel is valid for yielding legitimate results. We’ve literally spent the last 20 years doing just that, longer if you consider our collective experience as a team.

We were around in the early days of online sports betting when things were not as refined as they are now.  We’ve taken some hard knocks in that respect individually and have used what we’ve learned through real life betting experience to understand what gamblers need and want and how to access those things through identifying reputable, secure, legal betting sites. We are more than thrilled that others can benefit from what we’ve learned, and what we’ve learned not to do.

What We’re Not Here To Do At FBL

We thought it would be important to also tell you what we are not here to do:

  • We are absolutely NOT interested in convincing someone who doesn’t gamble that they should start. That’s not what the information on this site is for. The purpose of this guide is to assist individuals who are already seeking options for betting on football in finding safe, legitimate, and legal US friendly online sports betting sites.
  • We are absolutely NOT interested in just being a megaphone advertisement for any sportsbook. We ONLY recommend sportsbooks that we ourselves are members at, have used for at least 2 years (that’s called putting your money where your mouth is), and trust 100% with our own money and betting action. We’ve actually been members at some of these sites for well over a decade.
  • We are absolutely NOT interested in impersonating legal counsel. We are not attorneys and do not practice law. We are not trying to give you legal advice in any way, shape, or form. We simply provide our views and knowledge based on what we’ve experienced and learned from more than 20 years of placing football bets online. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact a lawyer who specializes in gambling.
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    Terms Of Use and Disclaimer

    Using our website is considered an agreement to our terms of use. This website is for informational purposes only. We share our personal views, opinions, and experiences, but do not claim to hold any authority in the online gambling arena.

    We provide information accumulated through personal experience and are not online gambling providers. We do not and are not equipped to provide any type of real money betting services to anyone. We do not provide any free betting services of any kind. We do not provide any type of legal advice or counsel in any way.

    Accuracy Of Our Content

    Accuracy icon Things move quickly in the online sports betting market. While we work extremely hard to ensure that all of the content on our website is accurate at all times, it is possible for a very rare instance to occur where details of the industry change faster than we can update information.

    We monitor everything surrounding sports betting very closely, but we cannot guarantee that every word is completely accurate at every single moment.  We put forth good faith efforts to minimize any such instance of inaccuracy.

    Our content includes links to third party operators, resources, agencies, and various organizations. We are very careful about where we link to, however Footballbetting.legal cannot be held responsible for the content on any third party website as we do not manage content on any site other than our own. We are not employees of any of the sites we link out to and therefore have no input, contribution, or say so in any content found on those sites.

    The Integrity Of Our Content

    Football review iconOur list of recommendations is not long, and that’s not because there is a shortage of online sportsbooks to promote. It is because we are EXTREMELY selective with where we steer good people to.

    If we so desired, we could have a list of 20+ USA friendly sportsbooks to present to you, but the majority would not meet our standards and our integrity and reputation would quickly be in the toilet. Who would that benefit? Not our visitors and certainly not us.

    You’ll find a lot of reviews on the Internet. A lot of them simply regurgitate what someone else has said. We write reviews based on our own personal experiences. We are not beholden to any of these brands. If they let us down, we will not hesitate to reflect their shortcomings in our content. We take the influence that we carry in this industry very seriously.

    Individual User Responsibility

    Users of this website carry individual responsibility for their own actions, specifically as follows:

    • It is the responsibility of all users to acknowledge and ensure that they meet the minimum gambling age requirements that are in place prior to registering as a member at any of the online sportsbooks we recommend on our site.
    • It is the responsibility of all users to ensure that they are not bound by any legal or policy restrictions prior to registering as a member at any of the online sportsbooks we recommend on this site.
    • FBL and its team cannot be held responsible if any losses are incurred as a result of visiting this website or using any website linked from Footballbetting.legal.

    Additionally, we reserve the right to:

    • Make any edits, additions to, or remove any content at any time without prior written or advertised notice to our visitors.
    • Make any changes or amendments to our Terms of Use at any time without any prior written or advertised notice to our visitors.

    Additional Terms

    • Footballbetting.legal is not a sportsbook and no betting or gambling takes place on our website.
    • Footballbetting.legal does not encourage or support any form of underage or illegal gambling of any kind.

    Continued use of our website unequivocally demonstrates your consent to the Terms Of Use and Individual User Responsibilities described here.


    All of the information, content, images, and comments present on this website are for informational purposes only and are written and published based on the personal experiences, research, and individual perspectives of the authors. None of the information provided in our content is intended to serve as or replace official legal advice or counsel.

    We are not attorneys, are not trained in the legal interpretation of laws or legislation and do not hold any certificates or credentials to provide legal services. Anyone seeking legal advice should contact an attorney.

    Privacy Policy

    Being transparent about privacy and data collection is paramount, and we see it as our duty to you, our readers. Here’s the breakdown of our privacy policies:

    We do not collect any personal information or data from your visit to our site. We also do not collect any data from anyone who contacts us via the contact form on our site or via email. We don’t need, want, or have access to your personal information. We won’t ask you to share any of that type of information with us.

    Should you utilize the contact form on our site, the information you provide is not stored on any servers or in any databases of any kind, nor is it used to contact you in any way unless you request for us to so in the body of the correspondence.

    Outside of direct correspondence to us, the only information that is seen by the FBL team is the digital footprint that all users leave when visiting any website on the Internet. Your IP address does not contain your name, address, or any other type of personal information that could be collected or used to identify you in any way.

    This information consists of basic statistics that can be used for SEO purposes to improve and expand our website to meet the needs of our visitors. Additionally, the information does not generate any type of correspondence, spam, or insight into personal preferences of the user. It is not used by us for any type of marketing outreach of any kind.

    We don’t do any kind of ads, pop up ads, email ads, or anything that could possibly spam you to death. We don’t ask for your email, phone number, or try to sign you up for a newsletter. We HATE spam and have invested some serious resources in avoiding spam ourselves.  The last thing we would want is to become that which we hate.


    While we do earn a commission from some affiliate partnerships represented on the site, we are not paid to produce any specific content, including reviews or any type of favorable opinions. Our views are our own and are based on first hand experience and our own interactions with each sportsbook.

    Because we are registered players at all of the sportsbooks we review, we have the opportunity to keep very close tabs on them. Should their level of service or quality change in any way, we will not hesitate to reflect that in our content.

    It is in our best interest to remain true to our mission, which will thereby protect our reputation. In our line of business, your reputation is your lifeline. Our reputation is precious to us, and you can rest assured we will never allow an affiliate partnership to compromise it.

    Responsible Gambling

    NCPG logoFootballbetting.legal has no intent to promote or endorse irresponsible gambling practices by operators or their customers. In fact, we 100% believe that responsible gambling practices are the only safe way to enjoy betting entertainment.  We are staunch believers that compliance to all relevant gambling laws is non-negotiable and that underage gambling inflicts harm on both the gambler and the operator, thereby rendering the enforcement of legal gambling age regulations paramount to keeping children and online sportsbooks safe.

    We encourage all bettors to engage in responsible gambling, and should you or someone you know fall victim to problem gambling tendencies, addiction, or other area of concern, please reach out for help at one of the following resources:

    • National Council On Problem Gambling (local chapters are available across the US)
    • ncpgambling.org
    • 1-800-522-4700

    There is absolutely no shame in seeking help for problem gambling, and we encourage you to utilize the various resources available to assist you.