Legal NFL Playoff Bracket Betting

2024 NFL Playoff Picture Odds Before Super Bowl LVIII

Updated NFL Playoff bracket before Super Bowl 58
Super Bowl 58 Playoff Bracket

2024 NFL Playoff Picture Odds After The Divisional Round

The Super Bowl Futures odds in bracket form for 1 22 2024
2023-24 NFL Playoff Bracket for the Conference Championship Games

2024 NFL Playoff Picture Odds After Wild Card Weekend

Super Bowl 58 bracket based on the current odds
Bracket for the 2023-24 NFL Playoffs after Wild Card Weekend

2024 NFL Playoff Picture Odds After Week 18

NFL Playoff odds in bracket form entering 2023-24 Wild Card Weekend
bracket showing the NFL Playoff standings entering the 2023-24 Wild Card Round

2024 NFL Playoff Picture Odds After Week 17

NFL Playoff odds in bracket form January 2 2024
NFL Playoff bracket if the 20223-24 season ended after Week 17

Preseason NFL Playoff Picture Odds – July 26, 2023

NFL playoff bracket 2024

You can bet on the NFL Playoffs at any time of year, and the results can be surprising when the odds are projected into bracket form. We've found that compiling NFL Playoff Picture odds into visual form provides helpful assistance when placing a wager on Super Bowl futures or postseason games.

We take all varieties of odds from our favorite NFL betting sites, combine them together, and then create weekly playoff brackets that project how each round will proceed. We then create an additional NFL Playoff bracket based on the current standings to compare against.

The NFL Playoff bracket betting projections often don't align with gamblers' expectations, creating a gap that can be exploited for your financial gain.

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    Best Legal NFL Playoff Betting Sites For May 2024

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    Our NFL Playoff Odds Simulator: Calculating Our NFL Playoff Bracket Projections

    We create our NFL Playoff picture with odds gathered from our top sportsbooks from various categories. We like to call it our NFL Playoff odds simulator, as we leave no stone unturned in defining which teams the online sportsbooks believe will make up the postseason qualifiers. Here are the types of NFL Playoff and Super Bowl odds used to create the images we share here.

    • Super Bowl Futures
    • Super Bowl Proposition Bets
    • NFL Division Futures
    • Conference Championship Futures
    • Stage Of Elimination NFL Prop Bets
    • Win/Loss Totals Props
    • Individual NFL Betting Lines

    The odds are collected from all of the NFL betting sites we frequent and averaged together to create the outcomes we illustrate here. Creating an NFL Playoff picture and odds comparison is necessary nearly weekly throughout the season because the lines and standings continuously fluctuate.

    Current NFL Odds For 2024

    How To Bet On NFL Playoff Brackets

    The most clear-cut way to partake in NFL Playoff bracket betting action is stage of elimination wagering. These NFL prop bets allow for gambling the exact week each franchise plays its final game of that given season or playoffs.

    Here's a prop for NFL Playoff betting that takes action on all potential season outcomes:

    Cincinnati Bengals - Stage of Elimination

    • To Miss The Playoffs +250
    • To Lose In Wildcard Round +260
    • To Lose In Divisional Round +300
    • To Lose In Conference Championship Game +550
    • To Lose In Super Bowl +1400
    • To Win Super Bowl +1100

    Another indirect way of betting on NFL bracket odds is wagering on futures that are tied to playoff outcomes. Examples are divisional futures because a playoff position is guaranteed to the team that finishes at the top of each of the league's eight divisions.

    Pro Tip - One trend we’ve noticed in recent years is that certain teams receive odds to make the NFL Playoffs that are well into the positive, suggesting they’ve got no real chance even though they are a win or two within contention. We target these underdog teams because they are often unfairly docked by sportsbooks despite possessing a 50-50 chance of making the playoffs.

    How Often Do Super Bowl Favorites Win The Championship?

    The most profitable time to bet on the Super Bowl is before the season begins in September. The moneyline odds are long on all 32 NFL franchises, guaranteeing a large payout to any gamblers who bet on the team that ends up winning the big game.

    On six occasions, the preseason Super Bowl favorite has gone on to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season.

    • New England (2018), New England (2016), Indianapolis (2006), Dallas (1993), San Francisco (1989), San Francisco (1988)

    When it comes to Super Bowl betting lines created during the two weeks before the game, underdogs have won 25 times. That’s another reason why correctly picking an NFL Playoff bracket is so challenging – any given game can go either way regardless of point spreads or other NFL bet types.

    Where Should I Place My NFL Playoff Bracket Bet?

    While some online sportsbooks that we recommend rank higher than others, we suggest creating accounts with several of them. Joining up with more than one site included in our online football sportsbook reviews gives players the freedom to shop around and find lines that payout more favorably for the same wager.

    These preferred football sportsbooks accept members from most US states, offer mobile betting apps that perform well for football betting, and will have some form of NFL Playoff betting odds posted at all times of the year. Just remember that any NFL playoff bets that are made will not payout until an outcome is rendered, which cannot happen until at least January.

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