Super Bowl Prop Bets 2024

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The only sports betting activity that rivals betting on the Super Bowl point spread, moneyline odds to win, or the over/under are props. Anything that happens while the big game is on the air is covered by Super Bowl prop bets, with NFL odds on all routine occurrences as well as team and player-specific events.

There are thousands of props created each year at legal Super Bowl betting sites. That's why reading this guide is so crucial. It will inform gamblers as to what each popular Super Bowl prop bet type entails and how to set a schedule so that wagers finalize across the entire evening. Discover the totality of Super Bowl prop bets here.

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    Best Super Bowl Betting Sites For June 2024

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    Is It Legal To Bet On Super Bowl Props?

    Yes. Domestic sportsbooks are offered in most US states and you’ll not find a single venue deprived of Super Bowl props when the big game is imminent. As long as players are of legal minimum gambling age, they can enter a sportsbook or pull one up online and bet on the Super Bowl.

    Offshore sportsbook sites are based outside of the United States and are able to accept Super Bowl prop bets from American gamblers because they have international gambling licenses and are regulated by known gaming commissions. The sites we recommend operate overseas and are the best Super Bowl betting options in the US or anywhere else on the planet.

    What Are Prop Bets For The Super Bowl?

    Super Bowl props are betting lines for events that are expected to happen during the televised broadcast. Typically, NFL prop bets are reserved for team and player statistical totals in the form over over/unders, but interest in the Super Bowl causes odds to be created for even speculative outcomes.

    Prop bets for the Super Bowl can include yes or no options for any potential question. For example, a prop could ask, "Will the winning QB say he's going to Disney World after the game?" Moneyline odds would be placed on yes (saying it) and no (not saying it). Similar prop bets are created for anything imaginable during the NFL’s final game of the year.

    How To Bet On Super Bowl Prop Bets

    Because all Super Bowl prop betting involves wagering on NFL moneyline odds, understanding how they work is vital to placing successful wagers. NFL betting sites will post odds next to each potential outcome of the prop bet in question. Here is an example:

    First Scoring Play Of The Super Bowl

    • Dolphins TD +175
    • Cowboys TD +185
    • Cowboys FG +375
    • Dolphins FG +400
    • Cowboys Any Other Score +5000
    • Dolphins Any Other Score +5000

    The most favored item in the above list is a Miami Dolphins touchdown because it has the lowest moneyline odds. A $1 bet on the Dolphins +175 moneyline will reward a $2.75 payout if the game's first score is a Miami TD.

    If the odds for an outcome of a prop bet are negative, a larger bet will be required than the profit a win will deliver. A $1.50 bet on -150 odds is required for a $2.50 win.

    Where To Place Super Bowl Prop Bets

    Any sportsbook operating legally in the United States bases most of its business around NFL betting. It is the most popular sport from a betting and viewing perspective in the USA, and there'd be no reason to operate a sportsbook without the inclusion of pro football.

    That said, if you’re looking for the best place to wager on props for the Super Bowl, there are none better than the sites we include in our online sportsbook reviews. Combined, they offer thousands of Super Bowl props, with some including a prop builder app so that finding the odds you want can be done quickly.

    Popular Types Of Super Bowl Prop Bets

    The variety of propositions created for the Super Bowl is endless, but the following categories remain the most popular each year. Because of the timeliness of these occurrences, we like to prepare a Super Bowl prop bet schedule to track winners and losers and to ensure continuous action for the entire evening. We’ve presented these SB prop types in the order of that schedule below.

    The Best Super Bowl Bets For SB 58

    In our book, the best bets for the Super Bowl or any other game are the ones that are winners. Nobody bats 1.000, and not all wagers will win, but developing a solid gambling strategy will ensure that you come out ahead most of the time. The Super Bowl is a long game that lasts for hours, so be sure to place timely wagers that will expire throughout the evening to keep the action going all night.

    To win the most money for your Super Bowl betting dollar, it's best to shop the lines to find the most favorable NFL odds. If you want to bet on the 49ers' odds of winning the Super Bowl that are set at +190, but another sportsbook has them set at +220, it would payout more to go with the latter moneyline. This can only happen if you belong to more than one sportsbook site that we rank at the top.

    Mobile Super Bowl Prop Betting Apps

    Gambling on your iPhone, iPad, or Android is incredibly convenient because it lets you wager on SB prop bets from anywhere. Whether you’re betting on the NFL Playoffs, a regular season game, or SB props, wagers can be placed at the offshore sportsbooks we recommend here.

    While domestic NFL betting apps are offered in some US states, the Super Bowl gambling sites mentioned here cover the entire country on mobile devices. By clicking on any sportsbook like we've included in this guide using your smartphone or tablet, all the same prop bets offered at the desktop site are presented on touchscreens of all sizes while on the go.

    Sportsbook Bonuses For The Super Bowl

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    While welcome bonuses and reload promos are offered at our best-reviewed online football betting sites, the Super Bowl often inspires new chances at free cash. No single game can match the sports betting attention commanded by the SB, so online sportsbooks compete for attention during that fiscally sensitive time of year.

    Most sites require sportsbook promo codes to be entered at the time of deposit. These offers give members bonus cash based on a percentage of the deposit. A popular welcome bonus rewards 75% on deposits up to $1,000. That means up to $750 in bonus cash is on the line, but you can deposit less and accept a smaller promo.

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    Type in the BetOnline Promo Code BOL1000 when making your first deposit to gain a bonus worth up to $1,000.

    Super Bowl Prop Builder Apps

    Let's face it. There are too many prop bets for the Super Bowl to keep track of. It would be nice to browse through everything that's posted, but that's not realistic – at least not until now. NFL prop builder apps are currently featured at several of our favorite online sportsbooks, making surfing the various Super Bowl props manageable.

    Without scrolling outside of a single browser page, players can toggle through all of the Super Bowl player props and team-based odds on the boards. Super Bowl parlays can be easily created inside the bet slip that populates as soon as any moneyline odds are clicked.

    FAQs For Super Bowl Prop Bets 2024

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