Betting On The NFL Scouting Combine With Legal Online Football Betting Sites

NFL Combine logoEach year, the NFL Scouting Combine takes place during the offseason and is televised for fans. The four-day invitation-only event allows NFL scouts to evaluate top-draft-eligible college players. 

Today, the combine tests players on various medical, mental, and physical criteria. Only about 300 players are invited to the event, and their performance can significantly affect their draft stock depending on how they perform. 

The 2024 NFL Combine Schedule will occur Thursday, February 29th – March 3rd. Quarterbacks, wide receivers, and running backs will take the field on Saturday, March 2nd, at 1 pm EST. You must access the NFL app or to watch the entire combine. ESPN will also show highlights from each day, but they will not show the whole combine. 

Betting On Combine Results

Betting on the NFL has spilled over to the offseason with Combine and Draft odds from popular online sportsbooks. While domestic sportsbooks might offer some odds on out-of-season events, many odds for the NFL Combine can be accessed online. 

Mostly, combine odds are generic and not linked to individual players. Below, you will find 2024 NFL Scouting Combine odds from Bovada’s online sportsbook. 

2024 NFL Combine – Fastest 20-Yard Shuttle to break Jason Allen & Brandin Cooks Combine Record

  • Yes (Faster Than 3.81 Seconds) +500
  • No (Slower Than 3.81 Seconds) -900

2024 NFL Combine – Fastest 3-Cone Drill to break J.T. Thomas Combine Record

  • Yes (Faster Than 6.28 Seconds) +375
  • No (Slower Than 6.28 Seconds) -650

2024 NFL Combine – Fastest 40 Yard Dash Time

  • Faster Than 4.27 Seconds -120
  • Slower Than 4.27 Seconds -120

2024 NFL Combine – Fastest 40-Yard Dash Time to break Jon Ross Combine Record

  • Yes (Faster Than 4.22 Seconds) +350
  • No (Slower Than 4.22 Seconds) -600

Betting On The NFL Draft

Betting on the NFL Draft has been popular for years as fans like to follow their favorite college players to the big stage. Each year, mock drafts try to predict where potential stars might land based on NFL roster needs.

NFL draft odds are represented as future odds, as there is no competition to warrant game lines. Below are a handful of NFL Draft odds from Bovada.  

NFL Draft – #1 Pick

  • Caleb Williams -1000
  • Drake Maye +450
  • Marvin Harrison Jr. +900
  • Jayden Daniels +1200
  • J.J. McCarthy +2500
  • Michael Penix Jr. +4500
  • Bo Nix +7000
  • Joe Alt +10000

NFL Draft – #2 Pick

  • Drake Maye -130
  • Jayden Daniels +115
  • J.J. McCarthy +575
  • Marvin Harrison Jr. +900
  • Caleb Williams +1000
  • Bo Nix +4000
  • Joe Alt +4000
  • Michael Penix Jr. +4000

Are Online Football Betting Sites Legal?

There are no laws that outlaw online football betting. Federal gambling laws leave it up to the state to decide what their residents can access online. Only the state of Washington has passed laws forbidding the use of online gambling sites outside the state. 

Americans can access all kinds of online football betting lines, including NCAA odds, UFL odds, CFL odds, and more. There are also multiple ways to bet on football with game lines, future odds, prop bets, and more. 

18 and up online sportsbooks ask players to abide by local regulations to safeguard players from any complications from local jurisdictions. See our guides to NFL, college, and alternative football betting options to learn more about making intelligent football bets.