Canadian Football League (CFL) Game Lines & Futures For 2024

cfl logoThe Canadian Football League (CFL) is in week four of the twenty-one-week regular season, and the game line odds for the upcoming contests are live. In addition to game line odds there are also futures on who will win the season.

After three weeks of action, there are three remaining undefeated teams: Saskatchewan, Montreal, and Toronto. However, only one CFL team has completed a perfect season, so don’t look there for betting tips.

Below, we will discuss both game line odds and future odds for the CFL and how you can legally bet on the league with online sportsbooks. We will also share our thoughts on wagering online and some good practices to learn before going deep.

Hut, hut, hike!

CFL League Bet Types

For those familiar with the NFL, wagering on the CFL will feel like second nature. The CFL shares many similarities with the NFL, but the main similarity has to be the points system. This makes betting on the Canadians a familiar and comfortable experience, much like betting on NFL game lines.

Game lines consist of a spread, win (money line), and total odds. Each option represents a different way to bet on the game.

The money line/win odds are for straight-up bets on who will win the game. The spread is betting on how close the final score will be. Total odds allow the bettor to wager on whether the total scores combined will be over or under the set number of points.

Below, you will see week four CFL game lines and the three bet types mentioned above. You will also see ‘vig’ (-115) attached to some odds. ‘Vig’ or vigorish is the commission charged by the sportsbook to facilitate a winning bet. It ensures sportsbooks won’t lose the house. All the online football betting sites we review offer bet calculators on their bet slips that automatically tell you what you will win if your bet hits.

CFL Game Lines – via Bovada

Edmonton Elks vs. British Columbia Lions

  • Spread: +7.0 (-105), -7.0 (-115)
  • Win: +275, -350
  • Total: O53.0 (-110), U53.0 (-110)

Montreal Alouettes vs. Toronto Argonauts

  • Spread: -3.0 (-115), +3.0 (-105)
  • Win: -170, +145
  • Total: O51.5 (-110), U51.5 (-110)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Calgary Stampeders

  • Spread: -3.0 (-120), +3.0 (EVEN)
  • Win: -180, +155
  • Total: O47.5 (-105), U47.5 (-115)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Ottawa Redblacks

  • Spread: +1.0 (-115), -1.0 (-105)
  • Win: -105, -115
  • Total: O51.5 (-105), U51.5 (-115)

Odds To Win The 2024 Grey Cup

Future odds for the CFL championship are as straightforward as they come with betting on who will win the season. I personally like future odds because they offer great value when placed early. Based on the odds below, a $100 bet on Ottawa winning the Cup would produce a $1,600 winning bet. However, futures are risky; in this case, it would take nearly 18 weeks before a winner is decided.

Grey Cup Winner 2024 – Odds Via Bovada

  • Montreal Alouettes +285
  • British Columbia Lions +320
  • Toronto Argonauts +450
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers +500
  • Saskatchewan Roughriders +600
  • Ottawa Redblacks +1600
  • Calgary Stampeders +1700
  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats +3000
  • Edmonton Elks +3300

Canadian Football League Average Salary

The average CFL player’s salary is around $73,000; however, some players make more, and some make less. The highest-paid player in 2024 is Zach Collaros, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback. After three good seasons, Collaros signed a $600,000-a-year deal in 2024. The top three highest-paid players in the CFL are Zach Collaros (QB), who is $600k; Chad Kelly (QB), who is $583k; and Trevor Harris (QB), who is $473k.