United Football League Prepares For 2024 Kickoff

The United Football League (UFL) is scheduled to kick off March 30th, 2024, with two games scheduled for their season opener. The season will run for ten weeks with a four-team playoff bracket and a championship game. 

For the first season, the UFL will schedule two games on Saturday and two games on Sunday. Since there are only eight teams, any team will have no bye weeks. The UFL will be like the NFL but employ several different rules to speed up the game. 

Also, like other sports leagues in the USA, betting on the UFL will be possible with online sports betting sites. As of this writing, there are no futures or game lines for the scheduled event, but we expect to see odds soon.

Below, we will discuss the legality of betting on the UFL and give our thoughts on what to expect for the inaugural season.

Can You Bet On The UFL?

Yes, betting on the new football league is legal under US gambling laws. While online odds for 2024 are still unavailable, online football betting sites will soon have them. 

In addition to betting on the UFL, sportsbooks also offer NFL odds, NCAA odds, CFL odds, and simulated football events. Many football odds are available all year long, but since it is the UFL’s first season and much is still unknown, odds are not available at this time.

Online Or Locally, Where Should I Bet On The UFL?

While we often suggest online football betting sites, we also frequent local sportsbooks. Online is the best option for most readers since local sportsbooks are not always accessible. 

Online football betting sites also offer other perks that local sportsbooks typically do not, including sign-up bonuses, player reward programs, 24/7 customer support, and more. If you play locally, check the odds online before you bet.

Who Will Win The 2024 UFL Championship?

With nothing but the former USFL and XFL season, it is hard to say which team will have the best shot at winning the championship. The season opener is between the most recent XFL and USFL champions, the Birmingham Stallions and the Arlington Renegades.