Bet On The Washington Commanders Next Team Name… Again

Now that former owner Dan Snyder has sold the Washington Commanders to Josh Harris, there is potential for the team to change its name for a third time in as many seasons.

The franchise existed as the Washington Redskins from 1932 until 2020, when outside pressures regarding cultural insensitivities caused Snyder to rebrand.

The Washington Football Club was their moniker for the 2021 season. In September 2022, the Washington Commanders took to the field for perhaps what will be their lone season of action.

Legal NFL betting sites are now accepting wagers on whether D.C. fans can expect another name change prior to Week 1, 2024.

Will The Washington Commanders Change Their Name?

  • Yes -300
  • No +200


The NFL odds overwhelmingly favor an outcome where a new name is imminent, meaning local fans will have to swap out their gear once again. Or will they?

A recent interview with team president Jason Wright reveals that discussions for a name change are not taking place.

According to this NFL prop bet posted at BetOnline and BetUS, Washington will most likely return to their prior Football Team designation. While the Washington Football Team leads the odds, the moneylines are still very high and will cash out well if bet on now.

Next Name of Washington NFL Franchise

  • Football Team/Club +600 (+550)
  • Spartans +800 (+700)
  • Armada +1000 (+900)
  • Magic/Magicians +1000 (+900)
  • Red Hogs +1000 (+900)
  • Presidents +1100 (+1000)
  • Senators +1200 (+1000)
  • Wolves +1200 (+1000)
  • Sentinels +1200 (+1000)
  • DCs +1200 (+1000)
  • Ambassadors +1200 (+1000)
  • Defenders +1200 (+1000)
  • Brigade +1200 (+1000)
  • Red Tails +1200 (+1000)
  • Owls +1400 (+1400)
  • Crimson +1400 (+1400)
  • Red Pigs +2000 (+2000)
  • Redskins +2500 (+2500)
  • Monuments +3300 (+3000)


We’ve included the odds from BetOnline with the moneylines from BetUS next to them In parenthesis for comparison. Regardless of which online football sportsbook wagers are placed with, gamblers can expect a bundle of cash if correct.

With that said, doesn’t it make sense to secure the highest payout possible on the boards? In all cases, BetOnline is providing either the same or higher moneyline odds.

Action should be laid at BetOnline in situations where the odds are higher. When the odds are the same, where bets are placed is entirely up to each player – just go with the most preferred book when payouts are the same.

Our Take On The Best Name For DC

A sleeper pick in the above NFL prop is the Red Hogs. It would be a fan favorite due to its tie-in with the original Redskins name and the “hogs,” the historic nickname for the offensive line of D.C.

The +1000 odds suggest that the Washington Red Hogs (or Redhogs) name change has a 9% chance of becoming a reality prior to September 2024. While that prospect is not likely, it will deliver 10-to-1 profits on the dollar.

The above odds and many more NFL bet types are taking action right now at our favorite football sportsbook sites. A quick investigation of each one reveals the differences in the odds and payouts that are being offered.

Sources – New York Post, BetOnline.AG, BetUS Sportsbook