NFL 2024-25 Schedule Released, Ticket Price Hike, & Future Odds

NFL logoThe wait is almost over, and the 2024-25 NFL football season is in sight. Now that the draft has ended and schedules have been released, fans can start to see the bigger picture.

The upcoming 2024-25 season will be remembered as the Kansas City Chiefs seek to three-peat as Super Bowl champs, a feat that has never been done, according to NBC Los Angeles. Despite several losses last year, the Chiefs repeated as Super Bowl champs over the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 with an overtime win.

Below, we will look at recent developments involving the upcoming football season and how you can wager on future NFL odds before the season even starts.

NFL 2024-25 Schedule Release

The NFL has officially released the 2024-25 schedule for all 32 teams. One of the more notable details surrounding the scheduling is the strength of the schedule. Determining the strength of the schedule is largely based on each team’s performance last year.

Below are our picks for the top three hardest and weakest schedules for the 2024-25 NFL season.

Hardest 2024-25 Schedule

  • Pittsburg Steelers
  • New England Patriots
  • Cleveland Browns

Easiest 2024-25 Schedule

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • Chicago Bears

NFL Ticket Hike Complaints

It should be noted that fans have already started ranting about ticket prices for the 2024-25 season. While ticket prices have consistently gone up over the years, this year, it seems like they’re more of a hike rather than a gradual increase.

While we witnessed astronomical Super Bowl ticket prices in recent years, regular-season games have been relatively affordable for the average fan. When scoping tickets to an upcoming Atlanta Falcons game, I discovered seats starting at $150 for the nosebleed section. While prices vary by market, ticket prices are up around the league based on consumer testimonies found online.

Future Odds From Legal Football Betting Sites

Now that more is known about the upcoming season and which teams will face in the regular season, bettors can start to lay action on future odds. While all the legal football sites we recommend are good options for betting on the upcoming season, some sites offer more props and futures than others.

Betting on the upcoming Super Bowl winner is always available when searching future NFL odds. Other popular future odds include division winners, conference winners, and defensive/offensive player of the year awards.

When betting on future NFL odds, it is essential to lock in bets early, as early futures offer excellent value. Once the season starts, future odds will shift from week to week based on a team’s performance, critical injuries, and other factors. The future odds are great for casual bettors, as they can place a wager and walk away until the results come to fruition at the end of the season.