2023 NFL Draft Odds Suggest The Carolina Panthers Will Select CJ Stroud

On April 27th at 8:00 PM, the ten-minute clock will begin ticking on the Carolina Panthers as they decide who this year’s top NFL Draft pick will be.

It’s no secret. The Panthers are in desperate need of a legitimate starting quarterback. They traded away arguably the best running back in the game, Christian McCaffrey, during the 2022-23 season, sending a clear message that they are in the process of rebuilding.

The only question now is, which quarterback will the Panthers select? The current futures at legal football betting sites that offer NFL Draft odds imply that Ohio State Buckeyes QB CJ Stroud will be coming off the boards first overall.

2023 NFL Draft Odds For #1 Overall Pick

  • CJ Stroud -300
  • Bryce Young +190
  • Anthony Richardson +1000
  • Will Levis +4500
  • Will Anderson +15000
  • Bijan Robinson +20000
  • Bryan Bresee +20000

Standing at 6’3″ and weighing in at 218 pounds, Stroud has legitimate NFL size to go along with his cannon of an arm. These superlatives are likely separating him from the second quarterback projected to come off the boards in 2023 – the University of Alabama’s Bryce Young.

NFL Draft 2023 Odds For 2nd Overall Pick

  • Bryce Young -225
  • CJ Stroud +225
  • Anthony Richardson +1400
  • Will Levis +2200
  • Tyree Wilson +4000
  • Will Anderson Jr. +900

Bryce is 6′ even and weighs 198 pounds. While the league has been more accepting of lightweight quarterbacks recently, their frailty has come into question over the past calendar year.

Former Alabama quarterback and current Miami Dolphin Tua Tagovailoa is an inch taller and 20 pounds heavier than Young but is considered small by today’s standards. His routine injuries suffered during his relatively brief career have many franchises targeting larger athletes that can withstand the wear and tear of a 17-game schedule.

The University of Florida’s Anthony Richardson is a larger-bodied QB that has risen in the ranks of NFL Draft prospects since the combine in March. At 6’4″, 244 pounds, Richardson reminds many scouts of Cam Newton with his rare combination of size, athletic ability, and passing prowess.

Some speculate that Richardson could be taken off the boards first overall, but current NFL Draft odds imply otherwise. Stranger things have happened, and possessing the first overall pick allows teams to choose the player that tops their boards based on their own recruiting criteria.

Besides possessing size, Richardson is also incredibly fast. He posted a 4.46 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, with a vertical jump of 40.5″.

Unlike the two QBs that outrank him in the NFL betting odds, Richardson has proven that he can run the ball, totaling 654 yards on the ground in 2022. He also topped 100 yards twice during his only year as a starter.

Longevity is the most significant question mark surrounding Richardson, as he only started for one season with the Florida Gators. Both Stroud and Young are two-year starters who have played at the highest level of college football.

The Arizona Cardinals possess the third overall pick in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft, but according to Arizona online gambling odds they are committed to Kyler Murray as their long-term QB.

Look for a team to trade up to the three spot between now and April 27th to secure whoever remains between Stroud, Young, and Richardson.

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