UFL Futures And Game Lines For Week 2 Regular Season Action

UFL gold logoThe United Football League (UFL) has officially started, and now that week one has passed, bettors have insight into which teams will likely do well this season. 

While all the UFL games were competitive, the San Antonio Brahman and the Birmingham Stallions produced the most offensive points in week one. As the only two teams to score 27 points in week one, the Stallions and the Brahman have emerged as early favorites to win the UFL championship. 

Regardless of how the season unfolds, bettors can bet on the UFL with future odds and game lines provided by reputable online sports betting sites. Below, we will discuss future betting odds for the UFL and game line odds for week two.

UFL Future Bets

Future bets are great for bettors who want to bet and walk away from the action. It is always best to bet early when playing futures, as the odds change weekly. Early season futures often hold great value and can produce big wins for bettors who hit their bets. 

As the ten-week season is underway, futures going into week two still offer good payouts. Betting on the Birmingham Stallions will currently produce $225 on a $100 bet if locked in now.

Below are the odds for the future from Bovada’s online sportsbook. 

UFL Winner 2024

  • Birmingham Stallions +225
  • San Antonio Brahmas +450
  • St. Louis BattleHawks +450
  • DC Defenders +600
  • Arlington Renegades +700
  • Memphis Showboats +800
  • Michigan Panthers +900
  • Houston Roughnecks +1600

UFL Game Line Odds

Another popular way to bet is with game lines, which are also available for the UFL season. Game line odds offer three ways to bet: spread odds, win odds, and over/ under odds. Each method is different and offers bettor options for each game.

Below are the current game line odds for week two of the UFL season from Bovada.

San Antonio Brahmas vs. Memphis Showboats

  • Spread: -2.0 (-110), +2.0 (-110)
  • Win: -130, +110
  • Total: O40.0 (-110), U40.0 (-110)

Arlington Renegades vs. St. Louis BattleHawks

  • Spread: +5.0 (-115), -5.0 (-105)
  • Win: +175, -210
  • Total: O41.0 (-110), U41.0 (-110)

Birmingham Stallions vs. Michigan Panthers

  • Spread: -6.5 (-115), +6.5 (-105)
  • Win: -270, +220
  • Total: O41.5 (-110), U41.5 (-110)

Houston Roughnecks, DC Defenders

  • Spread: +5.0 (-110), -5.0 (-110)
  • Win: +180, -220
  • Total: O40.5 (-110), U40.5 (-110)

UFL Ratings For Week One

While week one produced mediocre attendance and TV ratings, the 2024 UFL launch was successful for many. As fans see that the teams are competitive and the new rules are like the NFL, interest should grow over the season. 

The most viewed UFL game on TV was the St. Louis Battlehawks vs. the Michigan Panthers, which garnered 1.69 million viewers. The ESPN broadcast didn’t do as well with either game (Defenders vs. Brahman, Showboats vs. Gamblers) and didn’t produce good numbers with close but less than a million viewers for each game.