Which NFL Team Will Bet On DeAndre Hopkins This Season?

The tenure of DeAndre Hopkins with the Arizona Cardinals came to a conclusion last Friday when the team cut him from their roster. This move makes Hopkins an unrestricted free agent, a scenario that allows any NFL team to sign him immediately.

This situation is more a result of Hopkins’ contract value than his ability to perform on the field. His nearly $20 million salary for the 2023-24 season was more than the Cardinals were willing to pay, and the asking price was too high for all 31 other teams in the league as well.

Here are Hopkins’ statistics over his last three seasons with Arizona.

  • 2020: Games Played 16, Receptions 115, Yards 1,407, Touchdowns 6
  • 2021: Games Played 10, Receptions 42, Yards 572, Touchdowns 8
  • 2022: Games Played 9, Receptions 64, Yards 717, Touchdowns 3

Thus far, prop bets for Hopkins’ future landing spot have been difficult to find, but we did manage to capture the following line that is now removed from the boards.

DeAndre Hopkins Odds For Next Team

  • Buffalo Bills +300
  • Kansas City Chiefs +450
  • Baltimore Ravens +600
  • New York Jets +700
  • New England Patriots +900
  • Los Angeles Chargers +1100
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +1200
  • Detroit Lions +1300
  • Cleveland Browns +1800
  • Philadelphia Eagles +2200
  • Dallas Cowboys +2500
  • San Francisco 49ers +3000

Online NFL sportsbooks suggest DeAndre will sign with the Buffalo Bills and create a dream team combination at wide receiver alongside Stefon Diggs. The move would make sense for the short term and could provide the missing championship ingredient that the Bills have been lacking.

Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson has publically expressed interest in partnering back up with his former Houston Texans teammate. However, the odds suggest that is a longshot, with a +1800 money line that converts to a probability of 6%.

The team currently leading the odds for betting on Super Bowl 58 is the Kansas City Chiefs. Signing Hopkins to KC’s roster would certainly add another dangerous weapon for Patrick Mahomes to target, but do they have the cap space?

Both the Bills and Chiefs were unable to reach a trade agreement with Arizona during initial talks, so it is unlikely that either could land Hopkins without some sort of backloaded deal.

Sleeper Teams That Could Sign Hopkins

If the asking price becomes low enough, look for the New England Patriots to become a player in the DeAndre Hopkins sweepstakes. Coach Bill Belichick is always after a bargain on the free agent market, and talents like Hopkins don’t pop up that often.

Adding a vet like Hopkins to the Patriots’ wide receiver group could be just enough sauce to get New England back into the postseason and will definitely improve their odds at NFL Playoff betting sites.

The longer Hopkins remains available, the more likely the Patriots become a legitimate contender for his services.

Despite the removal of destination odds, there are some other intriguing NFL prop bets currently posted for DeAndre Hopkins for the upcoming season.

DeAndre Hopkins Odds For The 2023-24 Season

  • Odds For NFL Comeback Player Of The Year: +5000
  • NFL Offensive Player Of The Year Odds: +4000
  • Receiving Yards Leader: +4000

Bettors should also get a jump on these odds, as they’ll certainly fall closer to even once he signs with a team.

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