The Quest For 2023 XFL Championship Game Prop Bets

If you’ve been hunting around for prop bets for the XFL Championship Game, you’re not alone. Championship games and tournament finales usually prompt more propositions than any other event during the given sports season.

With kickoff coming in just over 48 hours, our top legal XFL betting sites are only offering three total prop bets for Saturday’s game.

The first two props are halftime betting lines and represent the only opportunities for winning some cash before the end of the fourth quarter.

First Half XFL Championship Game Betting Line

  • Arlington Renegades Point Spread: +3.5
  • DC Defenders Point Spread: -3.5
  • Over/Under: 23.0
  • BetOnline

First Half Betting Line: Arlington Renegades vs. DC Defenders

  • Arlington Renegades Point Spread: +3.5
  • DC Defenders Point Spread: -3.5
  • Arlington Renegades Moneyline: +175
  • DC Defenders Moneyline: -210
  • Over/Under: 23.5
  • Bovada

BetOnline is not offering moneyline odds for the leading team after the conclusion of two quarters of play, leaving no room on the boards to compete with Bovada’s midgame odds.

The halftime point spreads are identical, with a margin of 3.5, but the over/under has a half-point of variance that can be exploited. Speaking of margin, the only other prop for XFL Championship Game betting that is currently taking action is the following line.

XFL Odds For Winning Team And Margin

  • Defenders By 1-6 Points +280
  • Defenders By 7-12 Points +350
  • Renegades By 1-6 Points +450
  • Defenders By 13-18 Points +475
  • Defenders By 19-24 Points +800
  • Renegades By 7-12 Points +1000
  • Defenders By 25-30 Points +1400
  • Renegades By 13-18 Points +2000
  • Defenders By 31-36 Points +2800
  • Renegades By 19-24 Points +4000
  • Defenders By 37-42 Points +5000
  • Renegades By 25-30 Points +7000
  • Defenders By 43 Or More Points +7000
  • Renegades By 31-36 Points +10000
  • Renegades By 37-42 Points +10000
  • Renegades By 43 Or More Points +12500
  • Bovada

Because so many options are involved in the above prop bet, the moneyline odds vary wildly from +280 to +12500. That means profits of between $2.80 and $125.00 are on the table for $1 wagers.

The odds for betting on the XFL Playoffs may have featured the Arlington Renegades as heavy underdogs, but they’re now one victory away from winning the first XFL Championship since awarded since 2001.

Perhaps Arlington Head Coach Bob Stoops has another trick up his sleeve for this Saturday? The game is being played at the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX, which plays in the Renegades’ favor due to its proximity to the Arlington/Dallas region.

The lowest payout in the above prop offers 4.5-to-1 profits.

Keep your eyes on the betting boards as this Saturday’s 8 PM kickoff approaches, as we expect more XFL prop bets to emerge.

The 2023 XFL Championship Game will be televised on ESPN and ABC or can be seen streaming on ESPN+ (subscription required).

XFL Championship Odds: Bovada, BetOnline

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